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Payment Options

No Dental Insurance? We have three alternative payments options listed below:

1. Direct Dental Plan
2. Amante Dental Smiles Program
3. Care Credit

No Dental Insurance?

Affordable Dental Care without Insurance – Direct Dental Plans in Schaumburg

Most people understand the important need for routine dental care, but many can’t afford to pay steep insurance prices or equally steep out-of-pocket dental costs. Because your oral health is intricately tied to your overall wellbeing, our team at Amante Dental Center has made receiving dental care much more affordable for our patients.

As an alternative to traditional dental insurance, we now offer a direct dental plan (provided by Doctors Network) for patients in and around Schaumburg, IL. Rather than dealing with confusing, complicated, and costly insurance coverage, you can now enjoy substantial discounts on personalized, high-quality dental treatment.

Direct Dental Plan vs. Dental Insurance

The goal of our dental plan is to take the complications (and therefore, the substantial extra costs) out of exceptional dental care. For a low, one-time activation fee of $34.99 and a monthly fee of the same price, you can receive the dental health care you need at a fraction of what you’re used to paying.

For example, routine biannual exams and cleanings at our Schaumburg dentist’s office are only $25 per visit, while the costs for fillings, crowns, dental implants, and other treatment options are discounted by up to 80%. For patients without adequate insurance, a direct dental plan can be the best way to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Care with No Middle-Man

Unlike common medical insurance, dental insurance is notorious for leaving patients without adequate coverage for many necessary procedures. Therefore, even patients who have dental insurance often wind up paying more out-of-pocket than they can reasonably afford, in addition to the costs of their insurance coverage.

The reason for dental insurance’s inflated prices and insufficient coverage is because of the demands of third-party insurance companies. With our direct dental plan, there is no insurance middle-man, so there are no hidden-fees, surprise costs, or other unforeseen expenses for your dental care.

Sign Up for Affordable Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL

Please note that Amante Dental Center’s direct dental plan is not dental insurance, and should not be considered as a replacement for it. When you’re ready to sign up, be sure to choose Dr. Glenn Amante as your dentist.

If you have further questions about signing up for the plan, or if you need assistance, then contact Dr. Amante at Amante Dental Center today.

Direct Dental Plan FAQs

1. How do discount dental plans work?

At Amante Dental Center, we offer direct, discount dental plans through Doctors Network. Unlike dental insurance, a discount plan is a subscription service that allows you to pay for your treatment directly, without going through a third-party insurance company. The direct payment system means you can enjoy discounts of up to 80% or higher on the high-quality dental care that you need and deserve, from checkups and cleanings to advanced cosmetic and reconstructive restorations.

2. How much do I have to pay month?

To activate your discount dental plan, you only have to pay a one-time activation fee of $34.99. Your monthly subscription fee will also be $34.99, and no matter how many times you visit our dental office, or what treatments and services you require.

3. Does my subscription cover the costs of preventive visits?

Your subscription fees secure your enrollment in our discount dental plan, but do not cover the costs of any of your visits. However, routine preventive exams and cleanings, which are vital to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile, are only $25 per visit under our direct dental plan. Unlike insurance, your plan will keep the costs of your checkups and cleanings the same even if Dr. Amante recommends more than two appointments a year.

4. Will I have to pay more for annual X-rays?

X-rays are an important part of your diagnostic exams and dental records, and a good preventive dental plan means taking routine X-rays at least once a year. Because the imaging process is a part of your regular preventive care, your X-rays will be included in the low cost of your checkup and cleaning appointment (only $25).

5. What treatments are covered under my discount dental plan?

Besides routine checkups and cleanings, high-quality dental care may also involve the need for custom cosmetic improvement or the restoration of one or more teeth. Trying to develop a personalized treatment plan around the parameters of dental insurance can be difficult because insurance only covers a select variety of procedures. However, with Amante Dental Center’s Discount Dental Plan, your discount benefits extend to every treatment and service we offer, including:

  • Teeth-whitening
  • Tooth fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental crowns (including same-day crowns created with CAD/CAM technology)
  • Invisalign® clear aligners
  • Dental implants
  • And much more

6. Can I add family members to my plan?

You can activate an individual dental plan for each member of your family for the same low, one-time activation and subscription fees of only $34.99. Typically, the costs of activating a discount plan for each member of your family is less expensive than total insurance costs for the whole family. Also, adding new members is much simpler, and there are no complicated or hidden additional costs.

7. If I cancel my plan, is there an early termination fee?

Because our discount dental plan isn’t an insurance plan, there is no contract, so you can deactivate your account at any time without having to pay early termination fees or penalties. However, the purpose of our dental plan is not a short term solution, and it is meant to help our patients maintain their oral health long term, and using this plan for a single treatment is considered misuse of the system.

You can also easily switch dentists within Doctors Network if you move out of Schaumburg, or reactivate your account if you had to temporarily discontinue it due to hardship or legitimate reasons.

8. Do I need insurance to sign up for a discount dental plan?

A discount dental plan isn’t meant to replace insurance; it can help all patients whether or not they currently have a dental insurance plan. It can make dental care more affordable for patients with insufficient coverage, and make dental care possible for patients without any coverage at all.

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